About Us



Our firm holds years of experience in our practice areas. Our founder is an experienced immigration attorney and has worked through 5 different presidential administrations.

Our team monitors new developments in its practice areas, ensuring that our clients have up-to-date Information. Our Philosophy is: an informed client is a happy client.

Our clients include small-to-medium-sized firms, software companies, private investment and brokerage firms, private equity firms, medical organizations, doctors, clinical researchers, architectural firms, manufacturers, retail, the travel industry, educational institutions, start-ups, individuals, professionals, creative artists, and athletes.


Our Founder's Story

Inderjit K. Sidhu. Esq


Whenever I am asked “Why did I choose to practice in the areas I do?”. I always say it was a very natural progression for myself and the Firm. I was raised in Canada and completed my University from a Canadian School. My Immigration journey began when I came to the US to study law. I first heard about F-1 Student Visa as a law student at Michigan State University College of Law. In my last year of law school, I had made the decision of pursuing a legal career in the US, following my dreams. Thus, my immigration journey began which took more than a decade to complete.

​My experiences are similar to my clients, and like them, I was daunted by the immigration system. It is my experiences that drives me to help my clients navigate this complex process. My team and I are committed to helping our clients have a seamless path to meeting their end goals. It gives me great pleasure in advising and guiding my clients through their immigration journey from studying, employment, legal permanent residency (green card) to citizenship. We look at each of our clients independently as everyone has different experiences which shape their goals and dreams.

The same journey has taken me down the entrepreneurial path. I worked for a software consulting and development company for several years before the entrepreneurial bug bit me. As a business owner, I can understand and appreciate the challenges of start-ups, from formation to the expansion of their business enterprises, funding growth, employment issues, retaining and cultivating a strong team, and working with Lenders to help our clients achieve their objectives.

Our Service to our clients does not stop at immigration. As time has gone on the firm has continued our relationships with our clientele to assist them in many aspects of their life within the United States. Our firm has helped our clients by expanding our services from Immigration to: Business Law, Real Estate Transactions (Both Residential and Commercial), Wills and Trusts. We like to see our clients grow and prosper. We counsel them in building their dreams, whether it is a new home or starting and growing a business. Our experiences allow me to look for out of box solutions for my clients.