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If you are a businessperson from a foreign country, you might need the help of an experienced Princeton E2 visa attorney. This visa type is very convenient for people who work in the US for a business in which people from their country have invested. An E2 visa might sound simple, but it involves a highly-complicated immigration process. That is why hiring a knowledgeable immigration attorney is imperative. 

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Why Do I Need an E2 Visa Attorney in New Jersey?

If you are a business owner, it is alright if you are not well-versed in the immigration process. You need to contact the best immigration lawyer to work on the legalities of your concerns. 

Before deciding to hire one, you consider the following good qualities:

  • Extensive Experience – Immigration law is one of the most complicated practice areas. It is broad by nature and employs complex terminologies. You deserve a Princeton treaty trader attorney who is well-informed in immigration law and has numerous years of experience therein.
  • Approval Rate – Similar to selecting your physician, you do not go for someone who is not reputable. Since your concern is not to be taken lightly, choosing a distinguished and trusted immigration lawyer is a must. 
  • Proven Competence – It’s time to assess someone’s competence after learning about their years of experience, approval rating, and reputation. Allocate some time to evaluate the immigration firm and identify its noteworthy accomplishments.


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What are the Key Features of an E2 Visa?

The E2 Visa enables businesspeople from foreign countries to perform their job in the US for businesses in which people from their hometowns have invested. 

Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the E2 Visa:

  • You can legally work in the US for a business in the state in which a substantial investment has been made by you or other citizens of your motherland as long as your home country has entered a treaty with the United States.
  • You can lawfully travel in and outside of the US or remain in the state until your status and visa expire.
  • You can only be restrained from working for the employer or your self-owned business that served as your E2 Visa Sponsor.
  • You will be admitted for two years every time you enter the US borders.
  • Your spouse may be allowed to accept job opportunities in the US.


Am I Qualified for an E2 Visa in New Jersey?

Primarily, there are six basic requirements that you have to meet if you apply for an E2 visa. No individual can acquire an E2 visa unless:

  • They are a citizen of the state that has an investor treaty with the United States.
  • They are coming to work in the United States for a business or company under its ownership or at least 50% owned by another national from their native country.
  • They are a key employee or an owner of the US business.
  • They or the business must have made a substantial investment in the US.
  • The US company shall be an active for-profit business.
  • They must immediately leave the US when the business is completed in the state.


Which Countries’ Citizens Qualify for E2 Visas?

E2 visas can be utilized by citizens of particular countries. You can check whether your country has entered a treaty with the US State Department web page listing the treaty states. Generally, an individual is not required to reside physically in the state of citizenship to qualify for an E2 visa. 


Not All E2 Applicants Can Use the Adjustment of Status Procedure

One of the typical consequences of double intent for E2 nonimmigrants is that they might encounter a more perplexing process in the application for permanent residence once the case has been granted compared to other applicants.

Most, if not all, individuals who have been granted an immigrant case and an accessible immigrant visa number can get their green card. They can obtain it through an application for an immigrant visa stamp at the United States consulate or the embassy or, if they are already physically in the US, apply for a green card through adjustment of status.

The status adjustment may be more efficient since you no longer have to leave the US during the process. In times like this, you can have an immigration lawyer represent you during the interview process, and you can have more advantages after a USCIS denial. It is noteworthy, however, that US immigration rules particularly prohibit E2 nonimmigrants from processing an application through adjustment of status without jumping through additional hoops.


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The E 2 investor visa is frequently confused with green cards obtained through investment. There are numerous questions concerning this type of visa, but contacting a Princeton investor visa attorney is a must before submitting your application.

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