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If you are a representative of a foreign media, such as a member of the press, film, radio, or print industries, who is traveling for the time being to the United States to fulfill your duty, it is essential to contact a Princeton I media visa attorney. As the immigration process is intrinsically complicated, you might miss some of the important details if you handle it by yourself. That’s why, even though it is not required, contacting an immigration lawyer is important. 

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Why do I need an I Visa Attorney in New Jersey?

“How do I choose my immigration lawyer?” is a frequently asked question. Choosing a Princeton I visa attorney is an important step in your immigration journey. You must properly examine their law office, including their experience. Consider the following characteristics when looking for an immigration attorney:

  • Strategic – Always choose a law firm that has what it takes to develop a proactive and innovative strategy to meet your immigration needs. You deserve someone who personalizes their immigration assistance to specifically suit your circumstances. 
  • Reputable – Hiring a reputable immigration law firm adds an additional layer of assurance. If your immigration firm has a high approval rating, it means that its services have been highly recommended by everyone over the years. You deserve an immigration firm that gives you no doubt upon hiring them.
  • Unique Experience – Other than having extensive years of experience, consider also choosing an immigration law firm that can show a unique level of experience that not every immigration law office has. Indeed, strong knowledge of immigration law is necessary, but offering something unique to their clients is a great advantage.

When it comes to giving legal advice, the services of Inderjit K. Sidhu Esq. LLC do not end at immigration. We go beyond that to help our clients in many aspects of their lives within the United States. We offer proactive and innovative strategies to ensure that your needs are met. Inderjit K. Sidhu. Esq was once daunted by the immigration system. As a business owner, she understands and appreciates the struggles of start-ups. 

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What is an I Visa? 

I Visa is also known as Media Visa. It is suitable for representatives of a foreign media company who are temporarily traveling to the United States to perform their profession while having their main office in a foreign nation. Some processes and fees according to the immigration law are somehow related to the rules of the foreign national’s native land, and in return, the US adheres to a similar practice, otherwise known as reciprocity. 

The process for granting media visas to foreign nationals of a particular state considers whether the immigrant’s government has similar rights and privileges, or is reciprocal, with the press representatives from the US.


There are certain qualifications, stated under US immigration law that must be strictly met by the applicants to be eligible for the I visa. To qualify, applicants must prove that they are properly eligible to be granted a media visa.

The applicant must be working in qualifying activities for a media company with its main office in a foreign nation. The activity must be specifically informational and generally concerned with news-gathering procedures and reporting on current events in order to qualify for the media visa. The consular officer will make the determination of whether an activity qualifies for the media visa. Sports news reporters are typically appropriate for media visas. 

Below are some of the related activities and requirements: 

  • Employees belong in the primary category of a foreign information company that is highly engaged in filing documentaries or news events.
  • Members of the media work in the distribution or production of films in order to disseminate news or information. Furthermore, the primary source and distribution of funds must not be within the United States.
  • Journalists who are working under contract. Individuals with a credential issued by a legitimate journalistic organization if they are working under contract on a product used to disseminate news by a cultural or information medium outside of the United States and are not specifically interested in commercial advertising. It is worthy of note that an active employment contract is necessary.
  • Employees of independent production companies with credentials granted by a professional journalistic organization.
  • Foreign representatives working for a foreign office or subsidiary of a United States newspaper, network, or other media platform if the journalist is about to travel to the United States to cover the latter’s events for a foreign national audience. 
  • Foreign representatives of tourist bureaus that are operated, subsidized, or controlled in part or entirely by a foreign government, and who primarily engage in cascading factual tourist information about a country, are not eligible for A-2 visa classification. 
  • Employed by organizations with US offices that distribute technical industrial information. 

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The immigration practice area is one of the most complex branches of law, in which not every lawyer is well versed in. The process may require you to appear before the immigration court for immigration appeals, litigation, and the like. Other than that, you will also have to be familiar with employment law. Qualifying for an I Visa is not a simple task. You definitely need to consult with a Princeton I visa attorney.

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