O-1 Visa: Extraordinary Individuals

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Are you extraordinarily gifted in the arts, sciences, sports, or business? Or have you made an outstanding contribution to the media or entertainment industries that has earned both national and worldwide recognition, and you want to go to the United States for work? Congratulations! The O-1 visa is for you!

You should consider speaking with an O-1 visa attorney if your organization has to send someone with outstanding talent to the United States for work purposes.

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Why Do I Need an O-1 Attorney in Princeton, NJ?

There are several reasons why you need an attorney if you’re dealing with this kind of situation:

  • A nonimmigrant visa is not that easy to get. It calls for an experienced attorney who has years of practice and is knowledgeable about immigration law because there are several cases where you must consider a specific immigration policy.
  • You won’t need to go through the laborious procedure of gathering the supporting documents on your own if you have an immigration attorney on your side.
  • To guarantee the process goes off without a problem, you must contact an O1 visa lawyer.

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What is an O-1 Visa?

The O-1 visa was created to allow foreigners well-known in their fields to enter the United States and work there for an initial term of up to three years. These fields include the arts, sciences, sports, education, business, motion picture, and television.

Categories of an O-1 Visa

The following significant categories apply to O1 visas:

    • O-1A: People with remarkable skills in the arts, sciences, business, education, or athletics.
    • O-1B: Workers with exceptional talents in the film or television industries.
    • O-2: This visa is given to people who work as an O-1 visa holder’s support staff.
    • O-3: This visa is available to those who are the spouse or children of O-1 and
    • O-2 visa holders.

Qualifications for an O-1 Visa

  • You need to have exceptional talent in your industry and be well-known on the national or worldwide level to qualify for an O-1 visa.
  • Worldwide or national recognition for talents in the film or television industry, or the fields of business, science, education, or athletics.
  • A person must have earned a commendable reputation in their profession and have the necessary proof in the form of a degree of expertise to be said to possess outstanding ability in the field of art, media, or academia.

Take note that you must be traveling to the United States solely to continue your work in the field where you perform best.

Requirements for an O-1A Visa

O-1A visa applicants should prove they have won high recognition in their areas, like a Nobel Prize. If not the applicant doesn’t receive any prestigious awards, they must show proof of at least three of the following:

  • Membership in related groups where admission requires exceptional performance
  • Has worked for a prestigious company or place with a relevant role
  • Evidence that the applicant has evaluated others in the field either as a member of a panel or on their own
  • Awards or honors for excellent performance in the line of work
  • Made contributions that are significant and unique to the field
  • Payment that demonstrates the applicant’s exceptional talent
  • Articles that have been written about the applicant and their work in the field
  • Journal articles that the candidate has written and been accepted for publication

Requirements for an O-1B Visa

Applicants for an O-1B visa must have received a prestigious award, such as an Oscar or Grammy. If not the applicant doesn’t receive any prestigious awards, they must provide proof of at least three of the following:

  • National or international recognition for previous accomplishments
  • Evidence of your previous, present, and potential lead or star performances for notable organizations or establishments
  • Acknowledgment for accomplishments in the sector from critics, authorities, or governmental organizations
  • Proof of notable performances in leading roles or as a star performer in the past or in the future
  • Proof of getting paid for work that stands out as exceptionally talented relative to what others in the sector are getting paid
  • Proof of notable commercial success or critical acclaim

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Application Process for O1 Visa

Here is the step-by-step process for an O-1 Visa application:

  1. The petitioner must submit form I-129 to the USCIS on behalf of a non-immigrant worker.
  2. The filing deadline for this petition is one year before the event. However, it is strongly advised to file the form at least 45 days before the event to minimize inconveniences.
  3. In relation to form I-129, the petitioner is required to provide a written advisory opinion from an expert in the relevant field of ability. The consultation must be submitted with due care.
  4. The original consultation must be submitted in its original form, complete with any watermarks or distinguishing marks, in order for the USCIS to vouch for its authenticity.
  5. If a suitable peer group or labor organization is not present, the choice will only be made on the basis of the information given.
  6. The USCIS must get a copy of the written agreement between the beneficiary and the petitioner. This contractual copy may take the form of any written summary of the terms and conditions, an email contract, or any other document that certifies the existence of an oral agreement.
  7. The event or activity should provide a timetable or schedule.


USCIS will decide on the application once your O-1 visa attorneys have submitted all the necessary evidence and paperwork. Everything must be submitted at least 45 days before entering the United States requested due to the O-1 visa processing time.

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How Much Does an O-1 Visa Cost?

The USCIS typically processes visas in 3 to 6 months. However, if you’d want to rush everything, you can select premium processing, in which case your application (Form I-129) will be examined in less than 15 days.

A regular O1 visa processing price is $460. You will have to pay an additional $1,410 on top of the usual price if you choose premium processing.

Your application may be accepted or rejected by the USCIS. It may also request additional proof (RFE). It is important to note that your 15-day processing window will expire if the USCIS files an RFE.

You must submit a form DS-160, which costs $190 for each applicant you petition for a visa.

O-1 Visa Sponsor

Agents and employers are the two common types of O-1 visa sponsors:

  • An employer – is a business or individual for whom the applicant will work or provide services.
  • An agent – is employed to represent the applicant’s abilities and locate appropriate employment.

There are three main things a sponsor must give on the applicant’s behalf, and they are as follows:

  • Name, address, tax ID number, total and net revenue, number of employees, etc.
  • A signed petition request work status for the individual
  • willingness to cooperate in the manner instructed.

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