Reciprocal Exchange Program (P-2 Visa) Attorney in Princeton, NJ

P-2 Visa Attorney in Princeton, NJ

For those who desire to showcase their talents overseas as entertainers or performers, the P2 Visa is a beneficial document. This visa not only enables them entry into the country but also permits the entry of their support staff, enabling them to set up everything for an excellent performance.

America is the best country for you if you want to succeed as an athlete, actor, model, creative person, or any other profession. People come here because of all the opportunities and to take advantage of these opportunities.

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Why do I need a P-2 Visa Attorney in Princeton, NJ?

It would be best if you didn’t try to navigate the complex world of immigration law alone. Even for natural speakers, the massive amount of paperwork would be overwhelming. It is far more difficult for clients from other countries to learn English, so hiring an attorney is necessary.

There are several distinct advantages to hiring a P-2 visa Attorney to represent you, including:

  • They are competent at navigating the rules, applications, and complex processes of immigration law
  • They know the trends, latest news, and hot topics that can help your immigration needs
  • They use legal resources to avoid and correct errors.
  • They can discuss possible and viable solutions for you in each situation.
  • They can continue representing you even after getting your permanent residency or a work visa.

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What is a P-2 Visa?

A P-2 visa is an authorization for entrance that allows foreign national troupes of artists or performers to come to the country and give performances. This reciprocal visa promotes cultural awareness and enables Americans to experience the art and performances of other countries personally. P-2 visa holders may also bring their spouses and dependent children into the country on P-4 visas, depending on how long they must stay in the United States.

The P-2 Visa is Different from the P-1 Visa

The P1 Visa is intended for professional and internationally renowned athletes or athletic teams that seek to compete in U.S. tournaments or members of internationally recognized entertainment groups.

It is also distinct from the P3 Visa, granted to individuals who enter temporarily to give performances, coach, or teach as entertainers or artists, either alone or as a member of a certain group as part of a special cultural program. A program must be unique to a certain nation, ethnicity, religion, tribe, or other groups of people to qualify as culturally distinctive.

What are the Uses and Benefits of a P-2 Visa?

P-2 visa holders benefit significantly for several reasons:

  • Holders can travel anywhere in the United States to fulfill their artistic desires as long as their visa is valid.
  • The family members of P-2 visa holders are permitted to pursue academic studies in the U.S.
  • Dependents can apply for P-4 visas.
  • P-2 visa holders are allowed to stay in the country for up to a year and are permitted to request term extensions as required.
  • P-2 visa holders can also apply for permanent residency without leaving the country
  • The P-2 visa can be advantageous if you want to come to the United States. You must know your rights to enjoy its perks as an artist or a performer. Contact our reliable P-2 visa lawyers for sound legal advice!

What are the Limitations of a P-2 Visa?

Even though you wish to take advantage of the benefits of the P-2 visa, there are some restrictions you need to be aware of:

  • Dependents may accompany you to the United States but are not permitted to work.
  • You may work for more than one employer, but each one must submit a different Form I-129.
  • P-2 programs must be reciprocal

Who is Eligible for a P-2 Visa?

As an artist or a performer, you might want to know if you are eligible for a P-2 visa. Below are the following qualifications:

  • Artists who desire to enter the United States through an official reciprocal exchange program recognized by the government
  • Entertainment groups or troupes visiting the United States as part of an official reciprocal exchange program by the government
  • U.S. businesses and agents may invite performers and artists to tour the country as part of reciprocal exchange programs or participate in specific events.
  • The P-2 Visa holders’ support personnel

You Must Prove Yourself to Qualify

To be eligible for the P2 visa, you must be an artist or performer who intends to visit the United States to perform, either alone or with other people, and you must participate in a specific exchange program with an organization established in the United States. However, you must be able to prove that:

    • You are a person with a lot of experience and incredible talents superior to those of the American entertainers and performers participating in the exchange.
    • There is a legitimate exchange program between American and international organizations.
    • A suitable labor organization is participating in the reciprocal exchange program negotiations.
    • All participants in the exchange program are of equal status and will work for the duration of the program under the same conditions.

Essential Support Personnel

They are an integral part of the performance of an artist who performs support services. Support personnel may include coaches, trainers, other team officials, and referees.

    • You are qualified to provide support services to performers and artists because you have the necessary training, expertise, and credentials.
    • You are an integral element of the P2 entertainer or artist’s performance because you provide support services that a U.S. worker cannot do and are necessary for the artist’s successful performance.

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P-2 Visa Application Process

  • Check out the instructions for Form I-129, Petition for Nonimmigrant Worker. After that, finish the form and sign it. Confirm that there are no errors or missing details.
  • Pay the filing charges if applicable.
  • Provide all the necessary proof and documents to support your claim.

You can Track Your P-2 Visa Application Online.

You can create a USCIS online account and follow the application’s progress after submission. To track how close you get to the travel document, you can get status updates.

Once the application is made, the sponsor or agent should expect the following:

    • A notice of the USCIS decision
    • A biometric services notification (if necessary)
    • A receipt attesting to the petition’s receipt,
    • A notice to appear for an interview (if required)

P-2 Visa Required Documents

There are specific documents you must submit to apply for a P2 visa. Form I-129 is among the papers you are required to provide. Aside from the form, you also need to bring the following:

    • A copy of the official reciprocal exchange agreement between the foreign organizations and the sponsoring U.S. organizations hosting the performer or artist
    • A written consultation among appropriate labor organizations
    • Evidence that the employment terms and conditions are equal and that both you and the entertainer or artist in the exchange agreement are professional artists with good, comparable skills.
    • Statement from the sponsoring organization describing the reciprocal exchange of performers or artists from the United States concerning the petition for which classification is required.
    • Evidence showing an appropriate U.S. labor organization participated in the negotiations for the reciprocal exchange or has approved the exchange between foreign and U.S. performers or performers.

Keep in mind that if the performances or events take place in more than one location, USCIS may also require a schedule.

Essential Support Personnel Required Documents

The U.S. Employer must file a separate Form I-129 for support personnel. The petition includes the following documents:

    • A consultation from an appropriate labor organization
    • A statement describing the support person’s skills, experience with the artist or entertainer
    • A copy of a written contract between the employer and the support person
    • Summary of the terms of the oral agreements under which an artist or performers will employ the support person

This matter can be overwhelming and stressful, and you need an attorney to guide you along the way. Call our immigration law firm for legal assistance now!

How Much Will a P-2 Visa Cost Me?

You must also pay a fee to apply for a P2 Visa. There is a $460 filing charge. You have to be responsible for the filing charge since there is no additional biometrics fee.

The P-2 Visa Process Will Not Take Too Long

Processing doesn’t take too long, especially if you supply all the required paperwork and the procedure goes well. Usually, standard processing can take up to 90 days. You must submit your paperwork early if you need to depart before a certain date.

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